Cheap heaters for home : Reverberay tube heaters.

Cheap Heaters For Home

cheap heaters for home

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Interesting little corner and the artwork piqued my interest, it looks like modern contemporary pieces with a bit of heavy constructivist influence. The home owner wasn't able to help me because it turns out they are cheap knock off prints from a local discount variety store (called "Cheap as Chips"). When you look at the prints you can see they have scanned a previously printed piece and blown it about about 1000%, the CMYK halftone rosette is about 5mm across!

Anyone recognise the originals?

Had to push the exposure a lot so it is a bit grainy as well

Couple of hand held speedlights bounced above the camera.

Exposure for windows masked and blended with layers and masks in Photoshop.



This install was brought about by the lack of good second hand or new heater cores for the factory heater.
I used an Austin Mini system because it's small,self contained and readily available,OH and cheap!
The air intake will be connected to the right hand cowl louvered panel with a home made adapter, and flexible conduit.
Viewed through the glove box shows the brackets that support the Mini heater.
I used 1" stanless strap,picked up on the core support to firewall bolts and used the original heater mount.,the LH side is a mirror image.
I'll repaint the heater before final assembly.

cheap heaters for home

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