Rosemex unit heaters : Slim panel heaters

Rosemex Unit Heaters

rosemex unit heaters

    unit heaters
  • (Unit Heater) A heating unit consisting of a heat transfer element, a housing, a fan with driving motor, and outlet, deflectors or diffusers. It is usually suspended from the ceiling and its heat output is, controlled by starting and stopping the fan by a room thermostat.

  • (UNIT HEATER) A heating element that is installed in a space to be heated, and uses a fan to direct room air over a heat exchanger that is heated by gas, oil, or other fuel fire, or by electrical resistance. The essential elements of a unit heater are: a fan, motor, heat exchanger, and an enclosure.

Unit 5 - Heater

Unit 5 - Heater

Dented face plate. Looks very old. Indicative of what all 17 units have. May need upgrades, servicing.

Water heater 1 before

Water heater 1 before

This property had two water heaters and three toilet facilities. Job was charged as two units.

rosemex unit heaters

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